How much business do you lose when the links you share on social media don't work?

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24/7 Monitoring

Once you post a message, SafeLinks automatically monitors the health of your links that you put in your social media messages.

Get Notified Immediately

When something goes wrong with one of your links, SafeLinks sends you an alert so before the masses start clicking on that link. 

Fix Links Instantly

SafeLinks gives you the specific message, social media platform and link so that you can take immediate action to remove/update your link information. 

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SafeLinks tells you when your links fail before you lose out on the people clicking on them. Use for FREE during beta! 

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Links go bad... often!

  • URL shortening service goes down
  • Website server error
  • Website changes the destination
  • URL Bad link copied into message
  • And many more!

"In my business, content is king. Providing links to that content from my social media accounts is core to my lead generation. Within just the first week of using SafeLinks I discovered 5 links that went bad that I was able to replace with working ones. With SafeLinks, I now sleep better knowing that my link health is being monitored."

Jeffrey Hine

Founder/Managing Director, ClearSight Consulting